Friday, November 5, 2010

Happy Meal Becomes Sad Meal: Idiot Politicians in San Francisco Destroy Fun

So they're passing a ban on Happy Meals and other fast food meals that are "too happy." As in too tasty. As in not good for you. This is happening in San Francisco right now but rest assured this terrible killing-of-tasty-food trend will continue to spread across the rest of the country. Here are the requirements:

• The meal can't exceed 600 calories
• Less than 35 percent of the calories can come from fat (nuts, nut butters, low-fat cheese excepted)
• It's required to have a half cup of vegetables
• Breakfast meals are required to have a half cup of fruit
• Sodium limits
• A multigrain requirement

Can you believe this shit? What the hell is next, Logan's Run?

1 comment:

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