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Superman: The Movie. There Is No Equal.

Superman: The Movie. God damn, Superman: The Movie.

This film drops the bomb on me. When I watch it, it's like someone has unlocked the gates of thunder from above. It just crushes and kills.

It is the film to impact me most during my youth. Not even the sheer might of The Empire Strikes Back could do to me what this film has done. It has had the most long-term effect on me. It lays into me and slams me to the ground with such emotional force every time I see it that I'm not sure I could ever fully explain it to another person. And it may seem strange to say but I truly believe this film somehow contributed to the way I grew as a human being. Has there ever been a film that has done this to you? Just grabbed you and held you in its grip from 0:01 to the end? A film that puts you on an emotional roller coaster no matter how many times you see it?

While I must admit The Dark Knight is probably in a close three-way tie with this movie and Empire, at the end of the day Superman edges out. There are many reasons why I hold it in such high regard.

The cast
Brando. Hackman. Ford. Cooper. Even before you get to Reeve, you have a formidable cast and I would go so far as to say unparalleled to this day when it comes to any cast assembled for any superhero movie. When you watch the film it is obvious that the actors — most notably Christopher Reeve and Margot Kidder — had real chemistry.

The Overall Scope
They spent a shitload of money on this film. At the time, something like $40 million (of which $3.5 mil was handed to Brando for less than three minutes of screen time... obscene). I know the budget was right up there with the one for Star Trek: The Motion Picture, which had $40 mil, the biggest budget up to that point. Now look, granted, the "flying" effects are very dated when you watch them now, I will give you that. You do not "believe a man can fly." I will even say that many of the other effects are also fairly poor. But overall, the scope of this movie is beyond measure. The opening sequence with Krypton is breathtaking. The level of sophistication... the writing, the pacing, the camera angles, the editing... all superb. The logistics involved with putting this film together must have been staggering.

The Acting
Brando was Brando... excellent. Reeve did a fantastic job and he injected all sorts of subtelties throughout. Margot Kidder was sweet and charming and sexy and feisty and complex. And Glenn Ford's heart attack sequence must go down as one of the most brilliant examples of acting ever; you can literally see a nervous twitch in his face as he realizes he is having a heart attack.

This is the only film to spend any time on Superman's home planet. When the film opens up, we are transported to a gorgeous landscape and a civilization we can relate to — complete with political corruption, scandal and opposition against those who wish to do the right thing. In this case the warning from Jor-El that falls on deaf ears. What's more, we are treated to a masterful performance by Brando where he pronounces selfless love for his newborn son and a chance for his survival. As a young person I used to fast-forward through this entire "boring" Krypton sequence. Looking back I can only see how ignorant I was. This is a rich, flawless chapter in the movie and a great prologue. Easily one of my favorite set pieces in any superhero film.

Staying Power
Other than the special effects (which I've admitted to looking pretty crappy), Superman: The Movie holds up to repeated viewings. To me, it does. I don't own it on Blu-ray yet but I plan on getting it soon.

The Cinematography
Out of all the movies I have ever seen I must say I've never watched anything as beautiful nor as heartbreaking as the wheat field sequence. When Ma Kent tells Clark, "I knew this time would come... we both knew it... from the day we found you..." and when the camera begins to circle them, it chokes me up every time. The late Geoffrey Unsworth was lauded as one of the "last great lighting men in Hollywood," and with good reason. The next time you watch this film, pay special notice to the use of lighting... particularly during the Lois/Superman rooftop sequence. You'll see why Unsworth was held in such high regard.

The Direction
At no other moment in his career has Richard Donner been more perfect a filmmaker than he was during the making of this movie. He has a few stumbles (as Reeve runs toward the camera to reveal the "S" for the first time, he begins to slow down and the camera stays on him for a few beats too long) but overall Donner scores an A+ in my mind. Some very dynamic moments such as the scene when Superman puts a finger up at the black guy on the street as he heads off to rescue Lois, as if to say, "Hey man, I've got someting serious going on, get back"... the scene where Superman spins down through the concrete to get to Luthor. The scene where Superman is interviewed by Lois... the part where Pa Kent realizes he is having a heart attack... the scene where Superman holds a dead Lois Lane in his arms and then flies into a rage through the clouds... the list goes on.

First Class
The Dark Knight is a masterpiece but it is no match for this film in terms of class. The scope, the direction, the music, the acting, the dialog makes Superman: The Movie ooze class at every turn.

The Soundtrack
If there was one word I would use to describe this film it would be "majestic," due in large part to the music. The epic piece composed for Krypton (which you can experience in the video clip below). The heavenly piece done for the scene when Lois goes up with Superman, "Can You Read My Mind." And of course, the main theme, the one where you can actually hear the word "SUPERMAN!" if you listen for it. In my opinion, this is John Williams' best film score from beginning to end. Just epic.

And this. This piece of genius by John Williams. Jesus Christ Almighty, hearing this makes me feel alive. It just fills me with positive energy and hope. In fact, not many of my friends know this (I'm not sure any of them do) but when my wife and I built our first home four years ago, I put together a soundtrack and played it the day we went to get the keys. The song I chose to play as I unlocked the door was the main theme to Superman. My wife and kids thought it was awesome!

When the film opened on December 15th, 1978 and people sat down to this opening sequence, they knew just how "big" a movie they were about to see. Watch this intro from the film. Just listen to it one time and tell me your day will not become all the richer for it.

Great Films

You probably love a good movie. I do too. Even more, I love great filmmaking. I think there's a difference. A good movie tells a compelling story, keeps you hooked throughout, excites you at various stages and makes you think, even after the lights come on. A great film does these things as well but it affects you in a deeper, more emotional way and it endures the test of time (ie, repeat viewings).

Everyone has their own list but for me great films would include Gladiator, The Empire Strikes Back, Superman The Movie, Halloween, Titanic, The Wrath of Khan, The Dark Knight, among several others. I'll touch on one of these in particular, and why it has impacted me to such a high degree, in an upcoming post...

Ass-Shaped Speaker Is... Perverted.

And what a coincidence! I am too! Just kidding. Not really, I am fairly twisted. Ask anyone who knows me. This ass-shaped speaker though... this might be too weird for even ME. It's shaped like an ass and you're supposed to rub it to adjust the volume. And it has a butt hole for a speaker.

I mean... really?

If guess the speaker ever dies, it will give new meaning to the term "farting." Heh. Yeah, I know. It wasn't that funny.

Courtesy of Gizmodo

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Rumored Apple Tablet Could Be Even More Awesome Than We Imagined

Gizmodo is theorizing again regarding Apple's [allegedly-in-the-works] electronic video tablet. In addition to being an "e-reader" of sorts, Apple's gadget may act as a comeback vehicle for comic books, bringing them fully into the digital age.

Some friends and I were discussing the potential of this and we all came to the conclusion that although nothing could replace the actual feel of holding pulp in your hands, an i-Reader like this would very likely usher in a new generation of comic fans who might otherwise never bother. 

What might be even cooler is if Marvel or DC animated all or even some of the panel art depicted in these comics. What do you think? Cool idea? 

JJ Abrams Says Superman Reboot Would Be "A Blast"

The man responsible for rebooting Mission: Impossible and more recently Star Trek, has gone on the record regarding his interest in a Superman movie reboot. Abrams told MTV that while he has not had any Superman-related discussion whatsoever with Warner Bros, he would be very open to the idea. "You never really know," he says. "Everything happens for a reason."

More when you click here.

Weird Dude Spends $50,000 To Pretend He's Flying On A Pan-Am Jet

Look, I am no stranger to obsession. Just ask my wife. Whether it's video games, DJing, or car modding... I've been overly fixated on very specific things during my life. And I've wasted spent some real time and money on my hobbies. But THIS guy. THIS guy wins the prize. He was so overcome by his obsession with first-class flying, he spent twenty years and $50,000 building a Pan-Am jet cabin so he could sit in it... in his garage!

Check it out!

Musical Genius Dork Plays Rockford Files Theme Song On Two Keyboards

I don't know whether to be jealous or relieved. Kinda both.

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Some Hot Costume Ideas

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Bud Light Speaker Box... It's Real

I don't know about you but I thought this was all some fake advertising gimmick. A joke. "The Bud Light Speaker Box!" Yeah. Right.

But it's real. The Bud Light Speaker Box is REAL!

It's a cardboard case of beer with a speaker built-in with a white plastic bezel around it. It has a plug to jack your iPod into.

The sheer genius behind this blows my mind. Budweiser portrayed and advertised this concept as a "dream" item for man when in fact, it was real all along! I walked into Giant Eagle a few days ago and saw them stacked up for sale! Brilliant.

Some people are reporting the "Bud Light Grooler" is also real but I have yet to confirm this. It wouldn't surprise me if it were.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Crazy Halloween Costumes

Ready for Halloween? It's right around the corner! What's that, you say? Struggling with last minute costume ideas? Well struggle no more, I just dug up a whole mess of 'em!

For more costume bizarreness head over to WTF Costumes...

Absolutely Awesome Feat Of Lego Engineering

Just take a look at this, would ya?

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Drunk Guy Goes On Beer Run And Yes, You Will Laugh

omg this has to be the drunkenest "beer run" dude ever to be caught on surveilance.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Former Canadian Minister Of Defense Claims United States Is Using Alien Technology

Wow. Either this guy is onto something here (and probably marked for death) or he is just stark raving bonkers.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Where The Wild Things Are Reviews Start Coming In...

Heaps of praise coming in, for Where The Wild Things Are... here's Harry from Ain't It Cool News...

WHERE THE WILD THINGS ARE is the very best film I’ve seen this year. Not by a hair, not by a nose, but by a mile. More than that, it could very well be the best film ever created about what it is like to be a 9 year old. Do you remember? 9 years old. How did you play? How did you move? Do you remember the angles that you saw the world from? Did you ever start something that felt like the most fun thing in the world, until it wound up in tears. Do you remember laying at your parents feet as they had a difficult phone call, but you still don’t remember what it was all about, but you felt afraid? And you knew a hug or a story could make it better? WHERE THE WILD THINGS ARE will remind you of all these moments… This is the most authentic & brilliant film about childhood that I have ever seen. It is tremendous at every fathomable level. From production design, costumes, dialogue, effects, music, photography, editing, sound design and most of all performances.

Wow! I know my friend Eric has been looking forward to this movie for quite some time... by the sound of things it seems like he's going to be floored by it! Click here for the entire review...

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Against The Will Of God And Others Who Appreciate Great Comedy, They Are Looking To Make Another "Vacation"...

No, no...

New Line is meeting with writers to write the script but the take is already developed: the story focuses on Rusty Griswold, the son of Clark Griswold, the protagonists of the initial movies and portrayed by Chevy Chase. The younger Griswold is now a father in his own right and takes his family on a road trip vacation.

More at Ain't It Cool News by clicking here.

Friday, October 9, 2009

3 Dog Band Is Kooky Fun

Here's another very bizarre (yet appealing for some reason) cartoon which was produced under Cartoon Network's short-lived Cartoonstitute program. It sort of rolls itself into good times at around the 4:42 mark.

Just fun, silly nonsense! Free liquor for everybody at 6:26!


Ever been to Hawtness before? May I suggest you do so? That is, if you like these pictures...

Uncle Grandpa Is One Helluva Silly Ass cartoon

Apparently Uncle Grandpa was created as an experimental project under the Cartoonstitute umbrella.

It is downright bonkers. And that, my friend, is exactly why you will like it.

Thanks, Eric!

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

One Of The Funniest, Most Bizarre Car Dealership TV Commercial Outtakes You Will Ever See

Just when I said I wasn't going to post for a while due to my flaming hot hatred for my POS car, what's the first thing I find tonight while poking around the Interwebz? THIS!


My Apologies

I haven't posted since Thursday. I was sick. Then my baby was sick. Now my car is f#*ked. The gearbox I think. It seems like the exact same "slave cylinder" problem I had before that cost me $250 and that's only because I bought the part and fixed it myself... Acura wanted more than $1,000 to do it. [WARNING... RANT BEGINS HERE... WARNING... RANT BEGINS HERE] I baby that car 99% of the time I drive it and this is what I get. People ask me all the time, "Hey is that new?" I tell them "No, it's an '06." They can't believe how well taken care of it is. I keep the tires inflated, perform regular oil changes, maintenance, all that stuff. Literally. And I hardly ever get on it. You know, you'd think since it's a fun, zippy, sporty car that corners like it's on rails I would run it hard every day and not think twice. But I hardly chirp the tires. Once in a while I might get funky with it, sure I like to take corners at a good clip because I can. But rarely do I beat it. Never redlined it. Okay, once but it was just a hair and I backed off immediately. And before you say it, yes I know how to properly drive stick, I've owned other manual tran cars, including an MR2. I've driven them all without breaking a sweat. What kills me is a friend of mine owns a '96 Civic with like 280,000 miles on it. She bragged about how she's never had to replace the clutch even though she and her husband habitually beat the hell out of the stick. The bottom line is, I have taken the utmost care of my RSX -- practically f#*ked it in the tailpipe and bought it flowers -- and it STILL puts the screws to me. Ya know what? F#*k Acura. F#*k Acura with a big capital "F." I'm sick of the headaches. As soon as it's repaired I'll be putting it on Craigslist. [END OF RANT]

Anyway, so I'll try to post some stuff soon, just not a big priority for me this week. 

Mr. Fun <-- I know, haha

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Random Bathroom Graffiti

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Cleveland Browns FAIL

G4 Does Twilight

Let's start the month off right with some Twilight mockery!

Hot Babe Of The Month: Christina Hendricks

One part actress, two parts... um. Clearly you can see her two parts.