Thursday, January 20, 2011

My New Setup

Well, I did it. I made the switch from standalone to software-driven DJ hardware. Numark had a rebate deal on the V7 over the holidays and I couldn't pass it up. Not only am I getting a check for $200, I'm also getting a free case valued at $200.

I sold my Denon DN-S1000 setup on Craigs. I bought a V7 and then went after an X5. The X5 is Numark's companion mixer for the V7 and typically sells for $400+ but some dude had one on Amazon marketplace — in brand new condition — for $300. I got real lucky with that one.

Now I am left with having to pick up a second V7 and a laptop to run it all. These purchases are probably not going to happen for a while; I've got lots of other financial priorities to block me on that front. But hopefully in due time.

Numark's V7 runs Serato Itch and provides a whole mess of effects options, definitely more than my Denons gave me.

Here's the V7 in action:

In the meantime I am running this setup through a dual core Pentium tower. Not very portable but until I can get myself a decent laptop it will have to do. Also, a single V7 unit is like having two decks in one — there's a second "virtual" deck in the unit — but it is a little unnatural for me. I miss the feel of being able to put my hands on two separate decks at any given time. This "Deck A" and "Deck B" switching is kind of obnoxious. So yeah, I will be hunting for a second V7 at one point.

I am hoping that by summer I will have everything in place so I can get back out there — 100% digital from here on — to do some gigs.


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