Saturday, December 19, 2009

Avatar Mini Review

My buddy Eric just texted me with his take on Avatar...

Saw Avatar in 3D today. The 3D effect is subtle and well done. Formulaic story but well told. Impressive special effects all the way through with a couple of double-take moments. There are probably one or two genuine scenes where they actually completely pass through the uncanny valley. And they look more believable when they're dirty and messed up. Cameron pulled it off. In terms of effects it could be a game changer in the sheer amount and level of consistent quality. If he could make the whole movie through the valley then it would actually rape your eyeballs. As of now it's more of an eyeball hand job, still gets a really happy ending but doesn't leave you with that OMG feeling. Definitely worth your $10 though. 

There you have it. I'd like to get into the theater to see it but I may have to wait until after the holidays. Sounds promising though!

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