Tuesday, October 6, 2009

My Apologies

I haven't posted since Thursday. I was sick. Then my baby was sick. Now my car is f#*ked. The gearbox I think. It seems like the exact same "slave cylinder" problem I had before that cost me $250 and that's only because I bought the part and fixed it myself... Acura wanted more than $1,000 to do it. [WARNING... RANT BEGINS HERE... WARNING... RANT BEGINS HERE] I baby that car 99% of the time I drive it and this is what I get. People ask me all the time, "Hey is that new?" I tell them "No, it's an '06." They can't believe how well taken care of it is. I keep the tires inflated, perform regular oil changes, maintenance, all that stuff. Literally. And I hardly ever get on it. You know, you'd think since it's a fun, zippy, sporty car that corners like it's on rails I would run it hard every day and not think twice. But I hardly chirp the tires. Once in a while I might get funky with it, sure I like to take corners at a good clip because I can. But rarely do I beat it. Never redlined it. Okay, once but it was just a hair and I backed off immediately. And before you say it, yes I know how to properly drive stick, I've owned other manual tran cars, including an MR2. I've driven them all without breaking a sweat. What kills me is a friend of mine owns a '96 Civic with like 280,000 miles on it. She bragged about how she's never had to replace the clutch even though she and her husband habitually beat the hell out of the stick. The bottom line is, I have taken the utmost care of my RSX -- practically f#*ked it in the tailpipe and bought it flowers -- and it STILL puts the screws to me. Ya know what? F#*k Acura. F#*k Acura with a big capital "F." I'm sick of the headaches. As soon as it's repaired I'll be putting it on Craigslist. [END OF RANT]

Anyway, so I'll try to post some stuff soon, just not a big priority for me this week. 

Mr. Fun <-- I know, haha


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