Thursday, October 22, 2009

Bud Light Speaker Box... It's Real

I don't know about you but I thought this was all some fake advertising gimmick. A joke. "The Bud Light Speaker Box!" Yeah. Right.

But it's real. The Bud Light Speaker Box is REAL!

It's a cardboard case of beer with a speaker built-in with a white plastic bezel around it. It has a plug to jack your iPod into.

The sheer genius behind this blows my mind. Budweiser portrayed and advertised this concept as a "dream" item for man when in fact, it was real all along! I walked into Giant Eagle a few days ago and saw them stacked up for sale! Brilliant.

Some people are reporting the "Bud Light Grooler" is also real but I have yet to confirm this. It wouldn't surprise me if it were.


  1. Go to the web site and you can buy the 'grooler' and other stuff from the commercial,YES ITS REAL!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Too cool!! Got it and we listened to "620 WHEN" radio station from my Bud Light beer case as the Phillies best the Yankees 6 -1 . Disappointing game but the Bud Light Speaker Box does rock. Party on Wayne!