Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Andrea Grant

I love these pictures for some reason. They are very artsy. Plus, I am kind of horny which seems to make them extra valuable.

Her name is Andrea Grant. If you are reading in a hurry, you probably just read that as "Andre the Giant." You did, didn't you? Heh, I did that too.

Anyway, Andrea Grant (unlike Andre The Giant) is a sexy girl who does a lot of dirty-type-retro-pin-up poses. As you can see by the images I have gathered for you, her sex appeal is pretty much crackling right through the screen.

Andrea also dabbles in poetry. Here. Witness one of her recitals:

I have to say I tried but I am not really getting it. She might actually be crazy.

Okay, this video clip has some merit. Andrea is taking a bubble bath:

Even if she isn't technically crazy, Andrea is too beautiful to be wasting her time doing things like reading and talking. She should stick to what she's good at: looking hot. She should just dress up like a pinup girl or a gun moll * and be stared at and admired. And banged.

* I wanted to give you the definition of "gun moll" considering no one has used that term in probably 78 years.

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