Friday, November 13, 2009

This Magnavox Odyssey2 Commercial Is Pretty Terrible

Even back in 1982 I remember thinking to myself, "This is pretty terrible."

I will admit to owning and -- occasionally enjoying -- Odyssey2 and several of the games. But 90% of the games were very unoriginal -- and they only gave you ONE LIFE! If your guy died that was it, you had to start over! Arrgh! Yeah, unoriginal... a lot like this commercial. There's very little originality to it. For one, the guy's name is Wizard Of Odyssey. Jesus. Okay, second, he looks like a bad imitation of that evil dude in the old Battlestar Galactica TV series... what was his name again... Baldor? I can't remember.

Oh, okay I just looked it up. Baltor! That was his name! Here's a comparison:

The Wizard of Odyssey________The Evil Baltor

Third, his base of operations looks... oh... EXACTLY LIKE SUPERMAN'S FORTRESS OF SOLITUDE, FOR CHRIST'S SAKE!!! Let's face it, when it came to the world of video games, Magnavox got its ass whipped from sunup to sundown because the people in charge could not come up with an original idea if someone walked into the building and put AK-47s to everyone's heads!

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