Friday, November 6, 2009

Holy Christ! A Micronauts Movie May Actually Be In The Works

Well, looks like I'm getting getting closer to my dream... I posted about this earlier in the year... and now supposedly there are talks going on regarding a possible Micronauts movie — with JJ Abrams involved, no less. I knew it was only a matter of time before the suits in "Hollywood: Land of Unoriginality" dipped their grubby paws into this toy well.

As a kid, Micronauts were my favorite line of toys, second only to Mego's World's Greatest Superheroes (nothing could ever, ever be better than those cloth-costumed dolls action figures.) One reason I loved Micronauts so much was because most of the figures and accessories had holes and pegs in them, and you could get really creative by adding or subtracting pieces and parts to make unique weapons, vehicles and characters. Plus, they had orange, rubber-tipped missiles that actually fired from missile launcher thingies! Well, until some asshole parenting group laid the law down and forced toy companies to stop making toys with dangerous, rubber-tipped missiles. You could really poke an eye out with those things.

In any case, yeah, AICN is reporting the story and that JJ Abrams may become involved. Click and read if you'd like.

What do you think? A Micronauts movie? JJ Abrams in charge? Would you like to see this go down? Comments!

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