Thursday, November 12, 2009

The Most Amazing Freaking Home Arcade You Have Ever Seen

During some recent MAME-related searches I have tripped over lots of cool things. But none so cool as this.

Several years ago, Virginia resident Peter Hirschberg decided to build his own home arcade. Home arcade. Heh. That's putting it mildly. Wait until you see the video clip below. "Arcade Resort" is more like it.

Is this impressive or what? Mr. Hirschberg (I shall call him Mister, it's the least I can do) has named his slice of gaming heaven "Luna City Arcade."

Every month or two he actually opens his doors to the public so they can play the games for free! His name is Hirschberg so this doesn't make much sense (I'm kidding, I'm kidding!)

Here's the awesome video clip, courtesy of Kotaku:

The electric bill must be insane! Ah, but who cares. Clearly the man has money. A lowly boob such as you or I has nary the funds required to pull off a dream of this magnitude. Or even a dream of 1/100th this magnitude. But we can live vicariously through him and his castle of glee. Check out the official Luna City Arcade website for tons of photos and info!


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