Tuesday, September 22, 2009

The (Alleged) Long-Lost Nicolas Cage "Superman Lives" Photo

It has been well-publicized that at one point way back in the late nineties, Nicolas Cage was working with Tim Burton to re-launch the Superman movie franchise. The "rebirth" was called Superman Lives and based on a screenplay by Kevin Smith. Nic Cage was so gung-ho at the prospect of playing the part of Superman that he reportedly bought like, $18 bazillion dollars worth of Superman comic books so he could study the character.

Fast-forward to 2009. IGN is running this story. Either someone

A) Leaked a shockingly awful photo for all of us to laugh at


B) Photoshopped a shockingly awful photo for all of us to laugh at

No one is sure and for some reason it's driving me crazy. Seriously, as of this moment no one can seem to verify the validity of the shot. Some have called it a fake mash-up of action figure and head shot. Cage looks really tired or maybe he's just stoned. This is so terrible it just can't be real, can it? What do you think?

Here's the (alleged) test shot:

Here's a rather strange clip showing concept art, as well as the Cage test shot:

Here's a hastily-cobbled-together teaser clip created by god knows who:

So really... what do you think? I am dying to hear...
Thanks, IGN


  1. OMG that is so photoshoped, look at the paint spray along the top of the collar. Cage looks baked!

  2. Obviously jedistorm you are an uninformed moron. What I read years ago was that they were going to do a rubber muscle suit which is what this is. It's the edge of the muscle suit that you see. not a photoshop line. its so terrible it's obviously real. I've read numerous stories before this saying he was going to wear a bad suit like Shaq did in steel and i guess the rumors are true.