Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Did Jack Kirby Have A Hand In Creating Spider-Man?

Contrary to popular belief it appears he may have. I thought this was interesting. From Heatvision:

Comics fans know Kirby's work as intimately as their Spidey Underoos. Even though the Webslinger's origins are generally credited to Stan Lee and reclusive artist Steve Ditko, Kirby was key in the character's early development in Marvel¹s pages. Lee first approached Kirby, with whom he had already created Fantastic Four, X-Men and the Hulk, among others, to help flesh out the concept and initially draw the comic.

The reasons Kirby didn't end up drawing the book are lost in the mists of comic history, with some claiming Lee didn't like Kirby's more muscular depiction and others believing Lee was just too busy. (Kirby did end up drawing the cover to Spider-Man's first appearance, "Amazing Fantasy" #15.)

According to several accounts, Kirby, with his Captain America co-creator Joe Simon, did create a character called the Silver Spider, whose alter ego was an orphaned boy living with two elderly people, and that character was morphed into Spider-Man. 

Fascinating. Click here for the full story!

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  1. Really interesting, I had no idea this was the story behind it. I know Steve Ditco and Stan Lee were always given credit but this sheds new light on things