Thursday, September 24, 2009

"Obama Pacman" Is Catching On

And somebody's gettin' rich! You can now buy a replica decal similar to the one on Obama's Macbook, seen in this photo...

... by clicking here. Yeah, it's the decal everyone's talking about. Only cool people have this decal on their Macbooks. So if you have a Macbook and you want to be cool, now's your chance. Hurry! DO IT OR YOU WILL CONTINUE TO BE A GOOD-FOR-NOTHING NOBODY!!!

The decals are $3 each or five for twelve bucks. God damn I thought I was slick but someone always beats me to the punch!

Oh and not to be anal, but Pac-Man is spelled with a hyphen. Not that the dude counting his millions is gonna give two shits but just sayin'.

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