Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Latest Mods To My RSX

A couple of items I always wanted for my car but never got around to obtaining until now: fog lights and a high wing spoiler.

Back when I bought my car, I wanted fogs but Acura was asking nearly $400 for them as an option. To me, that is way steep for a set of fog lights. So I said forget it.

About a month ago I found a nice set of fogs on eBay for about $40 + $10 shipping. I got them and installed them myself. Sure, it took a couple of hours but I saved a shit-load of money and I learned something in the process.

As for the high wing, that was something I also wanted when I purchased my car but the wife was dead-set against it, saying it would look "really stupid" or something to that affect. Besides, Acura wanted $700 for the spoiler, which I thought was ridiculous. I could understand if the high wing had a third-eye brake light in it or something, but really... $700 for a spoiler? I don't think so.

So I recently found an OEM "high wing" spoiler kit on eBay -- with an exact factory paint match -- for $420 shipped. The kit came with the high wing, a replacement lip, all the hardware, and new shocks for the hatch. Professional installation was highly recommended but I found a lot of helpful info on the Club RSX message boards, which made the install so much easier.

I'm pretty happy with how the car looks now although ideally, I'd like to drop it one or two inches and put twenties on it. But this will work for now.

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