Sunday, March 28, 2010

Comic Book Legend Dick Giordano Is Gone (1932-2010)

Some sad news here... one of my favorite comic book artists passed away on Saturday. Dick Giordano is dead at the age of 77.

Giordano completely and utterly helped shape my taste in comics back in the day -- and as a result, he also shaped my style as an artist. In fact I will swear to you right now there were dozens and dozens of times when I would buy a comic book based solely on Dick Giordano cover art. For me, the best was when Giordano's inks were over top of Ross Andru's pencils. I almost always preferred Marvel over DC but like I said, whenever I would see that signature Andru/Giordano combination on the cover, I would be sold. I remember buying an issue of Wonder Woman, literally for this reason. Then I would be sad to see that on the inside, there would be an entirely different artist doing the issue. 

In tribute to this amazing artist, I have posted examples of some of my absolute all-time favorite DC comic covers, works of the legendary Dick Giordano. Enjoy.

Gone but not forgotten. R.I.P., Mr. Giordano.

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