Friday, March 12, 2010

Yakuza 3 Video Review

Great. Now I have to buy a PS3.

I have always loved Japanese culture. Back in 1998 I visited Japan on a business trip (Squaresoft event) and it was one of the most amazing experiences of my life. Since then my fascination with and respect of Japanese culture has only grown stronger.

I was a huge fan of Shenmue on Dreamcast and, to a lesser extent, Shenmue II on XBox. Yakuza 3 looks to be a more fully realized version of that experience — in fact I'm surprised there hasn't been more written regarding their similarities between the two series. I am so wanting to play Yakuza 3. Problem is, like I said, I don't own a PS3.

The game is in stores now and — much like Superman felt when his dad died — I feel powerless to do something about it. I do feel like I have more to say about this game without having even played it so I'm thinking I will probably post more about it later tonight... see you then!

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