Thursday, March 18, 2010

Shenmue... On Sega Saturn

Let me file this under "W" for WTF I DID NOT KNOW THIS.

Shenmue was published as a Sega Dreamcast game, by Sega, we all know this. But I just stumbled across (supposed) video footage of Shenmue running on — RUNNING ON SEGA SATURN HARDWARE! WHA--?

And sure as shit, here it is. It looks to be legit.

The Saturn was regarded as a fairly shitty system with paltry processing muscle but jesus, if that doesn't look amazing, all things considered.

I seem to remember Yu Suzuki saying something about the Shenmue series being originally planned for the Saturn platform but I never knew how far they got with it. I've certainly never seen footage of it! Maybe my time away from the games industry has put me more out of touch than I thought. This is a trip.

Does anyone out there know whether or not this footage is legit? I would love to know...

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  1. holee shit dude this just blew my mind. love shenmue big time but I never jknew about this, thanks 4 posting