Monday, March 29, 2010

Hilarious Commentary Regarding That Super Wealthy Dude With The Lamborghini Elevator In His House

Okay I have to post this. I have a huge appreciation for clever commentary and sharp wit... especially when it comes to Internet message boards.

I posted this just a short time ago and I noticed -- over at Gizmodo where I originally found the piece -- several awesome comments made by various and sundry individuals*. I just had to post some of them. Read these golden nuggets, would you?

Ah, perfect for those Sunday morning drives through the kitchen.

Clearly a very expensive rig, yet look at those uncomfortable dining chairs.

Wouldn't you think that he would buy a nicer house? that place looks so small and extremely bad taste

Step 1: Place car into room.
Step 2: Completely empty room and paint everything white, making for maximum attention on said car.
Step 3: Sit in Chair for hours upon hours staring at said car. Invite people over to stare. In progress.

Knowing how I tend to show off when drunk, I would either:
a) Park on the lift wrong and damage the car while lifting
b) Park another car underneath it, and damage it while lowering
c) Both a and b
d) Drive around the living room, "just a little bit"
e) leave door open and fall into garage

I think it needs to be hooked up to a jukebox or something that way I can choose which car comes up. Or just hit shuffle and see what random car I will be driving that day. you know what screw it! just have a button that a random car pops up and if you don't like it it falls into a hole and gets incinerated. Kind of like mr. burns bed dispenser.

If I had as much money as him though, I would have a large glass (fake, or made of sugar) window in my living room that I would crash my car through every morning. A perfect way to start each day: action-packed theatrics. (Optional: have some workers act like they're shooting at me by firing blanks from machine guns, and a flame thrower set-up to simulate a fiery explosion just as I reach the outside.)

What about a smaller version for scooters?

* I know that didn't really make sense but I like how it sounds

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