Wednesday, May 6, 2009

"Demolition Man" Fast Food Of The Future... Taco Bell Or Pizza Hut?

Remember Demolition Man from 1993? Overall a fairly terrible movie with a few shining moments, right? Like the fight sequence between Stallone and Snipes when Snipes came crashing down through a glass ceiling... that was pretty cool.

Okay, so you might recall a sequence that had Stallone and Sandra Bullock going to Taco Bell because "It was the only restaurant to survive the franchise wars," correct?* Sandra Bullock even sang a Taco Bell jingle at one point if I recall.

Now mind you, I have not watched Demolition Man in a hell of a long time but I just saw this clip and was shocked to see that they changed the name of the fast food chain from Taco Bell to Pizza Hut! Watch this:

The dubs are noticeably bad, too; you can see the actors mouthing the words "Taco Bell," but hear them say "Pizza Hut." WTF is this shit?!

I see Amazon has the DVD available. Almost makes me wanna buy it just to see what the hell happened. Is this clip from a foreign version of the film? Maybe it's a licensing issue?

Seriously, does anyone know what happened here? 

* One of the absolute dumbest lines uttered in any movie, ever, by the way.

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