Thursday, June 11, 2009

H.R. Giger

I was getting all up in arms about a possible Alien prequel yesterday and during my searches online I uncovered an awesome thing: H.R. Giger's website.

H.R. Giger was the man responsible for the look and feel of the Alien franchise, starting with the first film of course. Giger (pronounced "Gee-Gur") pretty much made the xenomorph concept come to life resulting in everyone getting the shit scared out of them in 1979.

So as I was sayin', Giger has a website. It was here that I learned about his museum and -- good lord if you can imagine it -- his bar. Sweet mother of god, H.R. Giger designed a bar! Yes, as in one that serves alcoholic beverages! Just look at it, will you?

Giger actually had several bars in Switzerland, Japan, and New York but a couple of them have closed. The two in Switzerland are still operating supposedly.
In any event, I just thought you might enjoy this quick post on H.R. Giger. Now get out there and have a sunny day.

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