Thursday, June 11, 2009

SCX Digital Slot Car Racing Pretty Much Kicks Ass

Yessir, it does. This monster slot car racing system is down in my basement and I can personally testify: it ain't your ordinary, run-of-the-mill, put-it-in-the-closet-after-you-and-your-kids-play-with-it-three-times slot car set.

It's called SCX Digital. Watch this video clip and tell me it doesn't look like fun:

As you can see, slot car racing is not just for little kids at this point.

So you might be asking, what makes this slot car system better than the ones we grew up on? Well first, the cars are 1:32 scale -- meaning they are about the length of your hand rather than the little Hot Wheels size we've been trained on -- so they appear more realistic and don't go flying off the end of the track every five seconds like the little ones do. I mean, the cars move fast but not at the ridiculous speed of a bullet. And since this particular SCX system is digital, it allows up to six people to race simultaneously. Not only that, but the cars can switch lanes on the fly. If you want to zoom out in front of your opponent and then cut him off, you can do so. Other features specific to this system include a digital pit-stop with refueling, real-time LCD fuel tank readout, a novice/pro speed control option, adjustable lap counter, chronometer, and more. And the cars themselves are amazing to look at... they're Tampo printed with incredible detail and most cars have working headlights.

SCX Digital Red Bull Ferrari 360 GTC
(I'd love to pick this up)

I've had the system for a year and a half and trust me when I tell you, this shit is flat-out f#@%ing fun. Now granted, slot car racing is not something most people would want to do every day -- even a set as grand as this one can become tedious at one point -- but there have been several occasions when I've raced with a buddy for hours at a time, drinking beer, talking trash, all that stuff.

If you're ever exposed to digital slot car racing, give it a try... it's a freaking blast.

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