Tuesday, June 23, 2009

The Numark NS7 Is Sick

Wow, I would almost give my left nut for this.

Numark just released its brand new NS7, an all-in-one digital DJ system. Real motorized turntables made of metal with actual vinyl platters on top, a 2-channel mixer section, damn-near zero latency (via USB 2), more than 100 LEDs for thorough illumination and way more than I have time to mention here. One very unique feature is something called "Strip Search"... a touch-sensitive strip that lets you quickly zero-in on a particular point in a track, letting you pull a virtual needle drop! As if all that weren't enough, it also comes packed with Serato ITCH software. ITCH is reportedly an awesome interface, organizing song files, providing waveforms, and even analyzing all your tracks to calculate their BPM! Amazing.

The NS7 retails for $1,299 — which may seem steep — until you consider that buying two decent digital decks, a mixer and software would be significantly more expensive. As in the neighborhood of two or three grand. Here you get everything. All you need is a laptop and you're set.

Looks like Numark got it right.

Here's a video of DJ Getdown using the new NS7 (can the boy scratch or what):

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  1. I would love to have this. The scratching action on it looks dope.