Monday, June 1, 2009

Microsoft Pulls Out All Stops During Its E3 Expo Live

Spielberg on stage

Some highlights:

• Beatles' Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr onstage for The Beatles Rockband game
Forza 3 gameplay looks almost photo realistic
• Tony Hawk comes out, intros new skateboard controller and new game, Tony Hawk: Ride
• Awesome new game coming called Alan Wake
• Zune Video/Instant On 1080p means you will be able to watch any movie or tv show at 1080p, and even watch it with friends at distant locations
• MS teaming with Facebook and Twitter
• MS also teaming with LastFM
• New Halo game, Halo 3 ODST, available Sept. 22
• Hideo Kojima comes out, yes, they have a Metal Gear Solid game coming for the 360
• Peter Molyneux demos Milo, an amazing interactive character-based game... could be Seaman for a new generation
• Spielberg comes out to hype new game control tech: Natal
• New game control tech called Natal means games are controlled with no controllers, nothing to hold or touch... just your body... sensor bar detects body movement and also recognizes player's voices



  1. Natal looks crazy! First step toward the Matrix=taken.

  2. Agreed! It's getting scary at this point...