Thursday, August 20, 2009

The Avatar Trailer: Geekdom Responds

The hardcores came out in droves today in response to the Avatar trailer. It's our first real look at this sci-fi film slated for December 18. Here's what they're saying over at the AICN Talkback boards. Let me just say that as of 10:00PM Eastern there are 1,757 posts and counting. Backlash? Not since The Phantom Menace have I seen so many negative posts... FIERCE. I've read damn near all of them and these are my hand-picked favorites. Here we go...

This is it. We now all know the truth. This is ugly as shit, CG everywhere, this is Final Fantasy Spirits Within only 1,000 times uglier, there is the same eyeball problem as those Zemeckis shites, thank god Rothman is going down with this.

That's the trailer for the videogame, right? right? because that can't be the real trailer, it simply cannot, it's so f#*king cartoony its laughable!!!


Looks like an xbox 360 game. i guess we've come as far as cgi can go....cause this SURE doesn't look photo realistic!!!

The soundtrack sounds good though. Just to throw that out there. It's the best thing about the teaser.

James Cameron: the new George Lucas! Think about it, both took a massive break from directing. Both have served up over-hyped cartoony CG sci-fi garbage as a comeback. Admit it!!

Man did you see Sam Worthington though? That guys got some acting chops! His use of wheel chair rivals Daniel Day Lewis. He embodies Stephen Hawking in the mere 5 seconds we saw him. He should star in everything!

Photorealistic my ass. This could have been done 10 years ago.

How is this any better looking than a Final Fantasy film or even PIXAR's stuff?

Go back and look at past CGI stuff. Like Jurassic Park... made 16 years ago. The T-Rex still looks real. Look at it chasing Jeff Goldblum. Don't tell me that the CGI in Avatar looks more real than that. Seriously. Honestly, I'm starting to wonder if this teaser trailer is just filled with unfinished, quick-render stuff.

Fern Gully 2: The Magical Rescue was over 10 years ago. Man I'm tired of all these reboots.

Fern Gully 2: Electric Boogaloo. With Sam Worthington protecting the creatures of Ferngully, whose very existence is threatened by the Human Race. I'm sorry but I remember when everyone here thought James Cameron was gonna save cinema with this film. Everyone was like "Cameron's gonna show Lucas and Spielberg how to do CG right" and all kinds of other hyperbole that was probably put there by Cameron and his ego.

This is James F#*ing Cameron, you mothers! Even given all the cgi work and the sci-fi and all that Cameron is first and foremost a great storyteller, as kick-ass as his action is, and it always is, there's always something extra-awesome in what Cameron does. There are some actors that just never, and I mean NEVER, phone it in, like Ray Liotta. Cameron as a director never phones it in and this movie will be great, no doubt in my mind.

Drink Cameron's Kool-Aid. Drink it!

$350 million vs. $30 million. And the $30 million flick looks way better.

Dances With Aliens... sweet.

My eyes are dripping with JC's semen!!!!!

Looks like a CG version of Fern Gully... we'll see if it looks any better at the preview tomorrow.

Personally, i was blown away with what i saw, and will most definitely be in line to see this in the theatre... the aliens looked 100% real to me

You know what else sucks? The fact that this "fantastic" world is populated by dinosaurs, and 10ft tall blue humans. The next time, take all that money and go buy yourselves an imagination, and THEN make a movie. F#*k.

District 9, it would appear, is the actual game changer. Not because the efx were mind-blowing, but because they managed to make a 37 million dollar indie-ish flick look like 200 million dollar blockbuster.

There's some serious talent trying VERY HARD to make something VERY exceptional. I agree if the story is not up to par, then it's a mere technical exercise. But Cameron is no Bay, or Lucas for that matter. Jim seems to have a deeper understanding of entertainment.

The script, performances and direction better rock because the CGI blows. None of it looks convincing. I don't see any huge advances based on the trailer. The CGI movement still is off. The characters look gummy and cartoony and the backgrounds look like something out of Myst.

My eyeballs didn't get lucky. Not even an end of the night hug – instead the Avatar trailer walked me to the door and said, “you’re a great friend.”

For months I've read nothing but how much eyeball f#*king Avatar was going to inflict. People (without seeing so much as a production shot) were harping that Avatar was going to be the "next Star Wars." After seeing this cartoon of a trailer, I can't help but laugh my ass off at all of them. For a while I thought I was watching scenes from the next Shrek film, hahahahahahahahaha!

It looks like all CGI-heavy films look: like watching someone else play a video game. And has there ever been any work of art this long in the making that was any good? Does Chinese Democracy mean nothing? I'll stick with Starship Troopers, thanks.

Does Cameron (who has made some of my favorite movies) not realize that we have all seen this shit before? In goddamned VIDEOGAMES no less? I am totally baffled... there had better be some BIG surprises in the movie to save it from the crap that the trailer shows.

Having watched the trailer again, for a 6th time, I'm shocked. 200m to feed one mans ego on a premise, look and story that looks so dated and old... when the studio could have invested in new talent, ideas, on small budgets. You could get 10 exciting projects out of one Avi-shit. Criminal.

The real story here is that this thing is going to be a financial turd. I'm not a hater, I think it looks cool and will go see it in the theater. But seriously, there's no way mainstream audiences are going to go watch blue elves fight cartoon robots. Some studio executive just shit his pants after watching this trailer.

The hype almost had me going. What a f#*king turd. It kind of reminded me of SpaceJam with its shitty mix of real life and cartoons.

It looks cartoony. It just does. We're not all lying to ourselves because we have it out for James Cameron or some shit. In fact, I think it's the opposite, if anything. Most of us are eagerly anticipating this film. Still. Now, that said, IT LOOKS F#*KING CARTOONY. Quit saying it doesn't. The fact is, it does, and we're all more than f#*king entitled to think that. Your justifications are bunk. I know damn well there's no such thing as a six-and-a-half-foot shrimp alien, but that didn't stop them from looking real in District 9. WE'VE SEEN BETTER CG THAN THIS. The color palette is impressive, and the look of the film is GORGEOUS. It just also looks fake.

The CGI/Actor interface doesn't work. If you look at where the worryingly effete avatar wakes up on the hospital trolley, the actors are looking at a point about 2 feet behind his camp fashion designer's head. Couldn't they afford a stick with a bit of card on it when shooting..?

That f#*king shithead Cameron could have saved tens of millions if he had the brains to just make the Thundersmurfs the same size as humans, painted his actors blue and slapped on some prosthetics, contact lenses and I wouldn’t have given a shit. The make-up for Mystique in the X-Men movies looked better then this CGI shit and it would have also allowed for the actual actors to emote rather then us watching a cartoon.

This bitching is so pathetic. One of the most revered sci-fi directors of the last 30 years hands you an almost completely cg trailer with incredible effects, battle-mechs, and spaceships dogfighting with flying dragons, and you proceed to shit all over it and calling it crap.

I work in the industry, so I guess I'm more discriminating than most. But honestly, the CG doesn't look much better than "Beauwolf." The character movements are still stiff (just look at the first scene where he slams his arm against the glass). The CG is still too clean. The skin doesn't have enough grit and texture. The environments don't have enough atmosphere. The eyes and teeth look cartoonish. Still, I guess that's a good thing. It should be incredibly difficult for computers to replicate life.


Seriously, that was supposed to be PHOTOREALISTIC CGI?!? Firstly, the Na’vi look really f#*king retarded. Secondly, despite my dislike of District 9, the Rock Lobsters looked great and that’s because they were being rendered against real backgrounds so the animators had to match them to environment conditions such as lighting. The problem with Avatar is that almost all the environments are fully CGI so there is nothing for the animators to work with in terms of reference which is why it really does look like cut scenes from a video game. I seriously think that this movie is going to f#*king crash and burn. There is just NOTHING here that we haven’t seen before and we all know that Cameron isn’t any sort of great writer so I’m predicting that test screenings will get this pushed back to next summer because I sure as f#*k don’t see this pulling in the bank of Titanic. It will be lucky to get back it’s production and marketing costs. What we have with Avatar is another Phantom Menace. A movie made by director who’s spent way to much time away from the camera and has fallen in love with his CGI toys. Cameron really thinks that it’s justifiable to build 3D theatres across the country and charge people $20 to $25 a pop just for the so called “privilege” of seeing more shit put out by increasingly out of touch Directors like himself, Robert Zememkis, Steven Spielberg and Peter Jackson?

The Wolfman trailer looks pretty good.


It looks good to me. And since when does cartoony = bad? I f#*kin' love cartoons! I wanna live in a cartoon. Doesn't everybody?

My eyeballs feel like they've just been with that rich, cheerleader chick from high school that everyone was thought was so hot, but who turned out to just sort of lie there like a paralyzed fish when I actually did manage to nail her.

Once any of you people actually learn anything about this industry, then you're welcome to give your advice or opinion. You people seriously know f#*k-all about anything. All you do is talk shit with no real substantial knowledge to back any of it up. Are you the basement-dwelling, X-box playing mama's boys the world says you are? Who knows. Maybe, maybe not. But you'll never make anything the world will spend money to see or enjoy or grow up watching, or call their all-time favorite films. All you know how to do is talk out your ass.

Oh, because we don’t “work in the industry” we can’t criticize why a 300 million dollar f#*king movie looks like a piece of shit? Go f#*k yourself you moron. THREE. HUNDRED. MILLION. DOLLARS. Let’s your f#*king pea-sized brain absorb that number for a few minutes then come back and tell us why we shouldn’t expect anything less than a masterpiece from a movie that cost the GNP of Guam? You know, I f#*king called this shit years ago. Cameron wasn’t waiting until CGI got better to achieve his “vision”, NO, it was always about waiting until budgets got so high that no one would flinch at a 300 million dollar price tag.

It "feels" wrong or off somehow. Am I the only one who thinks the character designs are all wrong? And the whole thing looked really fake. I know Cameron spent four years and untold millions on this new technology, but to me this doesn't look a damn bit better than the horrid Star Wars prequels.

Seeing people say things like "his track record should be reason enough to give him a shot" make me scratch my head. maybe i'm special but i could care less that cameron made this, i could care less who makes any movie or who is in it, who wrote it, who placed the duct tape for the cables on the floor. i go see movies because i see a trailer or tv spot and i think it looks good. i dont give a shit who was involved with the making of it. giving movies a free pass because of who made it is just sad.

Ok, i will agree to watch it only if the game controller is included in the ticket price!



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