Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Happy Camper Glow Sticks

I feel as if I have shirked my duties a bit by not bringing you very many "fun" things lately. Well here I am to make up for it! Say hello to...

The Happy Camper Glow Stick!

These things are cool. They are LED sticks so the power consumption is low and the glow is more intense. Plus, you can even submerge them in water! Check out this bitchin' photography, by the way:

House Of Rave has these plus dozens of other fun, party-type gizmos... check 'em out!


  1. I use LED lights for diving and the good thing about them is I could turn them on & off. However, glow sticks are still much cheaper on the price. Green ones are the brightest.

  2. My son Billy said he lost his glow stick and I felt bad for him until he took off his shirt later that night...his belly button was glowing and I knew right where his glow stick ended up. That Silly Billy. No more glow sticks for him!