Thursday, August 6, 2009

John K Pitches A Cartoon Show At 2009 San Diego Comic Con

In the spirit of full disclosure, let me just say I am a big fan of John K's work. John has such a unique style and vision and such a vast knowledge of cartooning, it just blows my mind. Most of all, his cartoons always make me happy. -Mr. Fun

This is pretty neat. John Kricfalusi, creator of Ren & Stimpy, pitched a George Liquor cartoon to a group of Comic Con attendees this year. I assume he has since then pitched it to actual TV execs.

Love his blog by the way. As a cartoonist myself, I visit nearly every single day. Here's a good post proving why John is The Ghandi Of Cartoons.

Disregard the fact that John has only had one huge-scale cartoon hit in Ren & Stimpy (not to mention the fact that he got very screwed over by Nickelodeon) and disregard the fact that yes, some of his ideas are strange (maybe stranger than even I would accept, and I am one strange guy)... the man is very much a cartoon genius.

So here's the pitch in two parts, check it out:

John K's Cartoon Show Pitch, Part One

John K's Cartoon Show Pitch, Part Two

A couple of observations:

1) We can confirm that yes, John K is insane
2) I never knew John did such a great job as the voice of George Liquor (originally voiced by Mike Pataki)
3) I'm not sure what the odds are of this cartoon actually being picked up... it seems a bit disjointed and a little hardcore

What do you make of this? He did a nice job getting his pitch across I think. I really love John's overall approach to cartooning (how The Masters used to do it) and his sense of style/technique. I like his approach to directing too. And I love his spirit and quirkiness. But I just don't know about a cartoon called "George Liquor." Nickelodeon actually edited-out the "Liquor" portion of his name when the character appeared in Ren & Stimpy back in the day. I'm not sure much has changed since the 90's. If anything, isn't the world even more politically correct now? Sadly, I think it may be. On one hand I can see a network like Spike picking up a short called George Liquor. On the other hand I'm not so sure the old-school, kiddie vibe meshes with the hard edge of George. It's almost as if the cartoon is trying to appeal to two totally different demographics: adults and little kids. I suppose that may not be terrible in and of itself — it's the recipe for most successful cartoons, actually — it's just strange to see a character like George Liquor (with his cigarettes and boozing) hanging out with little children. Ren & Stimpy were animals. These are kids. I know it's a frickin' cartoon, it's just an odd combination to me and I'm not seeing people accepting of it.

Then again, maybe he's going after the Family Guy crowd.

So. If you were a TV exec looking for new cartoon programming, would you consider this? I welcome your comments...


  1. It does seem weird that a cartoon would have the main character with the word liquor in it. but who knows, stranger things have made it to tv

  2. Well he does say at the end of the presentation that the show is just called "John K. Presents" and it's like a variety show with a bunch of different characters, not just George Liquor.

    John K. is absolutly a modern master of the short, really the only one. I think Adult Swim might give him a shot, even allow him to be a little edge, although I doubt Donald Bastard would make the cut.

  3. Jim, you are correct - it is a cartoon variety show. I actually love that concept, it's what they USED to do when I was a kid!

    I guess I was zeroing in on the "George Liquor" portion since that's what he pitched.

    I do like what this man does, he is a major inspiration to me. I hope he gets back on TV, I really do. Part of me hopes he does it in a straight-up way versus the obscene, Man-TV-Channel or Adult Swim route...

  4. Well it's about time John K got back out there on the tube. I have always loved his style, R&S is still one of my all time favorites, and I really hope he gets this thing green lighted!