Thursday, August 20, 2009

Here's The Official Avatar Trailer (The Real One)

Avatar Trailer - Watch more free videos

Years of hype and anticipation has led to this moment. James Cameron's Avatar trailer is here.

I searched around for a clean clip (the YouTube transfers are crap.)

Later on I'll be posting some commentary from the Ain't It Cool News Talkback boards.

So. Whaddaya think? Does it appear to be the "game changer" Cameron has been promising? I'd love to hear your thoughts...


  1. Does it look impressive, yeah, totally. Does it look 100% real, no. It’s like…..97%...maybe 98%.....which is what all the other movies are at (I could see a couple scenes that totally trick your eye and look 100% real, but not everything). Sure maybe no one’s done THIS MUCH 98% real stuff on screen at once, but once you put in those 100% actually real humans next to the 98% real creatures/Navi/Backdrops, just makes the uncanny valley even deeper. This thing’s gotta rely on it’s story if it wants a chance, then again, maybe James Cameron is going the Michael Bay route and just saying F*K IT, if I blow enough shit up people will pay!

  2. Game changer? No. Something different instead of all these fucking licensed properties like Land of the Lost and monopoly? Yes.

    Honestly I have to admit that the CG aliens do NOT look photo realistic - but - Cameron is trying something different so I have to give him props for that. He should not have hyped it up to the degree that he did though. He's getting retaliation and gee, I wonder why.

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