Thursday, August 6, 2009

I Hate My GD POS Computer

I am so sick and tired of my PC. Every year, no matter what awesome anti-virus software I install, no matter how many times I defragment, regardless of a clean re-install, it just doesn't matter... my s#*tty PC still ends up running as slow as a freaking glop of goo from a used, three day-old tampon.

How slow is it, you ask? Every time I go to a webpage, or click a link, it takes about five or ten seconds to load a page up. Sometimes longer. Just to get the browser started is a feat with which only God can intervene (Safari, Explorer, doesn't matter which.) That wonderous miracle takes two to three minutes! It's insane. Yeah, yeah, I know... I should be happy I even have a computer... some people live in straw huts with salad bowls made from dried-up cockroach shells and ferrets that run on wheels to power pencil sharpeners. This is almost as bad. Very close, I would say.

And yes I admit that my computer is a Dell from 2001 or something. But still. It's been "system reinstalled," it has 90 freaking dollar anti-virus software, and it gets regularly scheduled maintenance. Nothing seems to matter!

The Macs I've used for twenty years at various on-the-job locations have had like, eight problems. Total.


Okay. Helps to get it out. Anyway I think I'm going to transfer all of my files over to my external hard drive and do another re-install. I have to do it, this is just crazy. Not that I really know what I'm doing, mind you (I'm a Mac believer all the way) but oh well, I'll give it a shot. What do I have to lose?

I can hear it now, don't say it. "Go get a Mac!"


  1. Is it just an internet machine? if so, install Xubuntu. Problem solved! It'd free and damn snappy fast!

  2. Thanks, GF! Actually we use it for Word, Photoshop, Freehand as well... does that mean I should stay away from Xubuntu? I just downloaded it but I'll hold off from installing it until you give me the green light...

  3. I have been using AVG Anti-virus for a couple of years, and I would recommend this product to all of you.