Thursday, August 6, 2009

Radio Shack Is Now "The Shack"... What In The Hell Is Going On With This World?!

First, Pizza Hut pulls a half-ass name change, going from "Pizza Hut" to "The Hut..." and now THIS!

Radio Shack is now calling itself — get this — "The Shack!"

The Hut. The Shack. I guess these are places you can visit if you want to get out of the rain.

I have no degree in marketing (although I did take a couple of classes), and I am by no means a branding expert but Oh. My. God. What in the F is going on with this s#%@?!

I Googled "the shack" and guess what images came up? NOT ONE SINGLE RADIO SHACK-RELATED IMAGE, THAT'S WHAT!! Here are the images that DID come up:

Pretty much anything OTHER than things relating to (the corporation soon to be formerly known as) Radio Shack.

So that tells me the people in charge of orchestrating this bizarre "Shackening" of Radio Shack are either slow or stupid. If you're going to re-launch your corporate identity, don't ya think you might want to shore-up the Internet a little better?

Can you tell I'm pissed?

I understand that "radios" are not popular like they used to be. Fine, I got it. But calling your company "The Shack?" How lame!

Am I being cantankerous in my old age or do you agree with me that these recent name changes are simply moronic? I'd love to hear what you have to say...


  1. Dude, this is funny as fuck! I completely understand the rage with stupid shit like this. This world needs an enema!!!

  2. Some messed up shit. What are they doing to all of our cultural icons?

  3. Oh I forgot to type - I laughed at your Pizza Hut post too : ) thanks for a great blog, Mr. FUn!