Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Quixpin iPhone App Gives You (Virtual) DJ Gear For Your Pocket

ommfg, how cool.

This post goes out to my very good friend Ben, who has always wanted to screw around with DJ gear but hesitated, primarily due to the high cost involved. It's an iPhone app called Quixpin.

Obviously an iPhone app isn't going to take the place of a full, physical DJ setup (for many reasons which I don't want to get into right now), but still — in an emergency situation or if you and your friends decide to throw an impromptu party, this could act as an awesome substitute.

Ben, now you can buy an iPhone. And this app. And you will know whether or not DeeJaying is something you wanna continue with. Supa dope.

Check out these video demos:

For more on Quixpin, click here.

To visit the official Quixonic website or to purchase the Quixpin iPhone app, click here.

Thanks to Skrathworx


  1. excellent app, i use it all the time

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