Friday, July 10, 2009

The Bizarre World Of Brad Neely

This is one of my all-time favorite bizarre panel comics done by a man named Brad Neely:

I like it so much I have a copy of it taped next to my monitor at work.

Now I'm the first to admit the above image is not necessarily the most knee-slapping hilarious comic ever but it is just so bizarre and thought-provoking it kills me. Is the shirtless guy the little kid's uncle? Is there some kind of weird thing going on between the kid and the shirtless guy? Is the kid accusing the shirtless guy of molestation? Check out the weird painting on the wall.

You have to love Neely's crummy drawing style. It's pretty unique.

Neely has a website with hundreds of comics, many of them panel-style like the one above. Personally I would rate Neely as a hit-or-miss cartoonist, since a lot of his cartoons are just plain stupid for stupid's sake. But there are some real gems in there. Go see for yourself. Click on "comics" and rifle through a whole mess of craziness.

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