Tuesday, July 7, 2009

My DJ Logo

You might be thinking I'm too old to have a DJ name, especially one like this. But ya know what? Who cares. I don't really analyze stuff like this, I just pull the trigger. I love to DJ and since I can make a few bucks doing it then all the better.

And I need a name people will remember. So what the hell, Special Sauce it is.

If you're planning a party and you want to elevate it to an awesome level, rule #1 is and always will be: hire a DJ. Seriously, even if it's not me, remember to follow rule #1: hire a DJ.

So if you're thinking of throwing something together and you live in the Cleveland area, give me a shout. I do all styles of music except country (god I hate country). And if you're into disco, house or electronica, those are some styles that can really get your guests moving! Let me know what you like! Don't have a lot of money? Give me a call and we'll work something out. I can be reached at the email addy above, or leave a comment below. I will work hard to please your guests, and my rates are nearly half what many others charge! Cheers!

1 comment:

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