Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Stanton Friedman: F As In Fascinating

Just who the heck is Stanton Friedman, you ask?

• He is a nuclear physicist
• He used to work on top-secret, classified government projects for companies such as GE and McDonnel Douglas
• He believes in the existence of alien beings, and that they have been visiting earth for decades

"WTF," you say?

There are thousands of UFO conspiracy theorists, video fakers, and kooks just out to make a buck — but I really trust Stanton Friedman and I'll tell you why. He has a lot of credibility.

Keep in mind that during my early days in Cali I worked with a guy who used to freak me out. This guy believed "Batman and floating space orbs (like the one Luke practiced on in Star Wars) are real because if we can imagine them, they are real." He believed a lot of other strange things, among them, that androids are disguised as people. Yeah. WTF underlined 8,000 times. To this day I cannot agree with most of the craziness this guy used to espouse.

But Stanton Friedman really does make an argument for a lot of things most of us disregard as pure fantasy. The guy is credible. He's intelligent. He's a nuclear physicist, for god's sake.

If you've ever wondered whether we are alone in this universe... whether we may or may not have been visited by beings from another world... check out the video clip below.

I'll post more on Friedman in the coming days...

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