Friday, July 17, 2009

Police Arrest Naked Terminator

I thought this was a good one.

A couple of weeks ago a man was arrested for running naked through a California casino arcade and exposing himself to a group of children. In his defense, the man said he was a Terminator and his clothes had not traveled back in time with him.

19 year-old Sean Stanley Smith has been jailed for indecent exposure and resisting arrest. Police officers were notified of a nude man running along the street. When officers arrived at the scene, the butt-naked man ran into a nearby casino and frightened a group of children playing in the arcade.

Officers tasered Smith but he was not subdued in the first attempt. He continued to terrorize children with his nakedness. Eventually he was given a second taser jolt and dropped.

Smith told officers that he was a time-traveling cyborg sent to kill Sarah and/or John Connor. He then told officers that he had taken large amounts of cannabis and LSD.


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