Thursday, March 19, 2009

Bizarre Japanese Vending Machines

When it comes to putting stuff in giant metal boxes and charging people money, Japan is the undisputed king. There is reportedly one vending machine for every 26 Japanese citizens. Do the math. That's a hell of a lot of machines.

But it's not the sheer number of vending machines in Japan that is amazing -- it's the variety of things you can purchase from them! Below are some examples (believe me when I tell you, I saved the craziest ones for last!)

Ice cream vending machines
We start off with a great idea for a vending machine. Who doesn't like ice cream?

Umbrella vending machines
Kind of odd, but I guess it makes sense

Battery vending machines
Sometimes the batteries in the display are visibly corroded, but usually the ones you buy are fine

Fresh flowers vending machines
After a heavy night of drinking, this machine is a godsend to the salary man (term used to describe a typical Japanese office worker)

Newspaper vending machines
There are tons of these at train stations all over Japan

Porn magazine vending machines
Even though the Japanese government does not allow genitalia to be depicted in print media (tax dollars go to pay for the removal of the offensive material), porn is still very popular. I guess you take what you can get!

 Fried food vending machines
Hot dogs, dumplings, french fries... it's all available. Not saying it tastes good, just saying it's available.

Fortune vending machines
Usually found near shrines and places of worship

Beer and liquor vending machines
Yes, beer and liquor can be had at the touch of a button -- and there's no one to card you! You would think these machines would cause some sort of mass delinquency of minors, but apparently that's not the case

More beer and liquor vending machines
Canned beer and bottled whiskey! Even two-liter jugs of the stuff! Can you believe it?!

Fishing supply vending machines
Fishing line, hooks, lures, and even live bait can be purchased on the spot

Egg vending machines
Pretty weird

Dry ice vending machines
If you have a long ride home from the grocery store, you can pack your food in a bag of dry ice

Toilet paper vending machines
For about $1 U.S., you can buy a small package of TP for your bunghole

Energy drink and condom vending machines
Get energy and vitamins fast! Stop the Aids!

Live lobster vending machines
Some kids try to win stuffed animals... others catch dinner for the night

Rhinoceros Beetle vending machines
Believe it or not, there are many children in Japan who keep real, live beetles as pets! The most popular kind is the Rhinoceros Beetle. Guilt-ridden fathers can now buy one for their kids after they stumble out of the hostess bar at 3AM

"Slightly Used Girl's Panties" vending machines
No, this is not some sort of mythical legend -- what you heard is true! You can actually buy "slightly soiled" panties from a vending machine for between $10 and $30 U.S. Some machines actually display photos of each of the original owners (yeah, right) near the item numbers. The machine pictured here used to vend cigarettes

"Squishy Boob" vending machines
Now you can cop a feel without getting slapped across the face. This is plain silly! I want one! I mean two!

So what's your favorite? Can't wait to hear your comments...

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  1. yeah the beer, umbrella and fresh flowers vending machines are genius...but i really just want a squishy boob now!

    have you seen this??

  2. Yeah Julia, that man machine concept is crazy - I love the fact that someone actually had the ingenuity and the guts to make it come alive