Friday, March 6, 2009

New Star Trek Movie Trailer

Lots of amazing new footage here.

HD versions can be found here, courtesy of Apple Trailers.

So is this going to be good? Will Abrams revive the dying franchise? Are people who normally hate Star Trek going to buy tickets to this? Comments!


  1. I know at least a couple people that have never been interested in Star Trek that are pumped for this movie.

  2. The new trailer looks and sounds great; it actually gives me chills. Also starting from really the very start allows better, fresh character development (like the new batman series). will be interesting to see if this movie is a start to a new series of star trek movies that dont include the original cast members

    and... IMAX.

    -Ed (julia's bf)

  3. Ed, this is how I'm seeing it too.... I think a lot of people were pretty sick and tired of Batman but look what happened when Nolan took that tired act and re-imagined it... he hit paydirt. (What is paydirt exactly anyway? haha)

    Also I might add, that I am a HUGE fan of TOS but I am not so blindly loyal that I could not be open to a new way of telling the story. Story is king, so as long as they are staying true to the premise of what Trek was about - the original Trek, not the later stuff - and as long as they capture some the essense of the mantra "To seek out new life and new civilizations - then I'm fine with it.