Friday, March 27, 2009

EPIC April Fool's Day Office Prank

This April Fool's Day (which is only four days away, I might add) how'd you like to pull off one of the most hilarious, brutal office pranks ever? Read on.

1. Get on your co-worker's/victim's computer while they are away... you will need several minutes

2. Minimize all windows and push CTRL-PRT SCRN. This will capture an image of their desktop and copy it to the clipboard

3. Save that image file somewhere on their computer, and set the image as their desktop background

4. Right click anywhere on the desktop and deselect the "Show Desktop Items" under the "Arrange Icons By" thread

5. Right click on Start - click properties - click on the Taskbar tab. Deselect "Lock the Taskbar"

6. On the desktop, you should now be able to hide the taskbar leaving a carbon copy of their normal desktop

Your co-worker/victim will go nuts because NONE of their buttons will work... and it doesn't matter how many times they restart the computer!!

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