Monday, March 2, 2009

Ozzy the Happy Clapper, Jake E. Lee Shreds

Back in the day, before he embarrassed himself on reality television, Ozzy Osbourne was the man, filling arenas as a solo artist after breaking away from Sabbath.

In this concert clip, Ozzy's axe man/Randy Rhodes replacement, Jake E. Lee is shredding. But it is not the shredding one might expect to hear during a live metal show; evidently something went very wrong with the P.A. because... well, just click the video and take a listen.

What's interesting is the fact that the band keeps playing! Although their stage monitors may have still been running, in which case they would not have known how severe the situation was. Or maybe the monitors were shot too, in which case they had no excuse whatsoever other than probably being whacked out on booze and drugs. "All abo-ooooooaaaarrrd!!"

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