Friday, March 6, 2009

Marvin Glass: The Greatest, Most Awesomest Toy Maker Of All Time

Okay, you young 'uns may not know this, but before the invention of He-Man and Star Wars and Transformers and all of that stuff, there lived the most successful toy inventor to ever walk the earth. His name was Marvin Glass.

Marvin Glass invented more hit toys than anyone else before him or since, and his track record proves it. Ever heard of Mouse Trap? Lite Bright? Rock 'Em Sock 'Em Robots? Those "klackety-klack" wind-up teeth? Glass invented those toys and hundreds, if not thousands more.

Marvin Glass became a wealthy man. And he knew the meaning of the word "fun." Not only did he create fun toys for little kids (and some adults too), but his actual life was all about having fun! The man was on such a roll churning out hit toys and cashing checks that at one point he had his own mansion with servants and even groupies! Toy inventor groupies! Debauchery was rampant. Think back to when Steve Martin invented the "Opti-Grab" in the movie The Jerk; when he became a millionaire and threw wild disco parties and spent money like a drunken sailor! As legend has it, that was the life of Marvin Glass. He was a man with a spellbinding story, and for me, a personal creative inspiration.

Click here for the fascinating story of this brilliant inventor!

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