Thursday, March 19, 2009

Bryan Singer Will Direct "Superman: Man Of Steel"

Woah, some hot movie news right here, courtesy of Den Of Geek...

Despite some apprehension on the part of Warner Bros. (Superman Returns was not received well by critics or fans), Singer has the gig for a sequel. Several months ago, the director went on record promising that if he were offered the sequel, he would be going all "Wrath of Khan" on it. Now that's what I wanna hear! Reportedly, Brandon Routh will be reprising his role also.

I don't have a problem with Bryan Singer, I just hope he and/or the writing team come up with a way to ditch the annoying "Supertoddler." Oh, and hopefully they'll have Superman doing more Supermanny things this time, like punching some dude's fool head off or ripping a skyscraper from its foundation and using it as a ball bat.

In fact... you know what? I'm going to post my thoughts on what I expect to see in this sequel, later today, so stop back...

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