Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Sega Dreamcast System New in Box For Only $99

UPDATE 4/23: THESE ARE NOW SOLD OUT (that didn't take long)

Not used, not refurbished -- brand new! Think Geek is selling Dreamcast systems, minty-fresh-new-in-the-box for $99 a pop right now. An awesome deal for what is undeniably the most underrated video game system ever made!

$99 gets you:
  • Dreamcast Console
  • One Controller
  • Power Cable
  • AV Cable with composite video and stereo audio
  • Phone cable
  • Built in 56K Modem
  • Web Browser 2.0 Disc
  • Game Demo Disc
  • Instruction Manual
They probably won't last long so if you want one, head over to Think Geek and check it out!

Thanks to my friend Ben for the heads-up


  1. Dreamcast = greatest system ever!!!! Anyone who did not have this missed out major. RIP, DREAMCAST!!!!!!!!!

  2. Some of the best games I ever played..... DreamCast will NEVER DIE!