Thursday, April 30, 2009

Vacation Pics: Costa Rica And Panama

The final salvo of vacation pics, if you're still awake. Heh

First, Costa Rica.

This was a cool little outdoor restaurant where we sampled some native dishes. The food took forever to come out. I think they may have been killing chickens in the back and that does take a while.

These dudes were the entertainment. I think they were there to distract us from the sounds of chickens being killed in the back room. They played a conga drum and a really old guitar that had like two strings on it. They sounded good though. The one dude was all crazy, singin' about bananas and shit. And heck, why not -- what else was he gonna sing about.

An awesome view of the beach. The waves were about 3-4 feet. We took turns riding a boogie board. The water was crystal clear.

The sign says "Drugs & Deli." Weird combination, huh? We didn't go in there.

This is me, goofing around, wearing one of those Mexican wrestler masks. "Eye hereby pronounce myself as... El Mucho Man-Spider!! Eye so see-lee!"

And now for Panama. Put it this way... it isn't like the Van Halen song.

This is downtown Panama. It's scary.

Panama is a very poor place. Carnival cruise lines should discontinue this stop because it was about as pleasant as a poopie-flavored lollie pop.* Some dirty old hag walked up to us with a spider monkey. It sat on my son Tommy's shoulders. Doesn't it look evil? Damn thing put me on edge. In case it went apeshit on us, I was secretly preparing to stab it with my sunglasses. It was the only thing I could even hope to fashion into a weapon.

Sure, you've heard of the Wii, but have you ever witnessed the magic of... the Mi?! This was in a grocery store in Panama near the dock. This impressive-looking imitation was nothing more than one of those cheap, flimsy, 10-games-in-one units. I think they were selling them for $40. Who knows what was actually in those boxes... maybe a bag of dirt if you're lucky. Or a spider monkey carcass. Who knows.

The drive home...

Here's a funny pic. It's a gas pump at a stop on our drive home from Florida. I just think it takes a lot of balls to call your business El Cheapo. Either that or the owners are just dumb shits.

* Shameless Dodge Ball quote, sorry.


  1. Who says that chickens are killed in costa rican restaurants dude, ive been there myself, I know it's not miami, but dude it's not so bad, ur comments about the place suck, so does your cheesy comments about the place, you disgust me...... Ignorant !!!!!

  2. First, thanks for visiting my blog.

    Second. Dude, lighten up. It's a blog, not CNN Headline News. Sometimes I make jokes. I make a lot of jokes. And you have no sense of humor. I know they were probably not killing live farm animals in the back of the restaurant. Again, it was just a JOKE. We actually loved the food we ate.

    But you are mad. Probably because you live there or you were born there. Or maybe you just think it's the greatest place on earth, I don't know. If that is the case, you obviously have not been anywhere else.

    You call me ignorant, but based on your angry rush to judgement, I guarantee that you are more ignorant than I am. GUARANTEE it.


  3. Dear "Mr. Fun":

    I totally agree with the other dude you obviously are a total ignorant your comments suck they are offensive and anything but funny, your lack of moral values disgusts me. It pretty obvious, as you said, that all the comments you make are jokes, but the bottom line of this is that they are very bad ones. I must add that i don't live in Costa Rica or have anything to do with it, so it would be pretty dumb to tell me i'm "based on my angry rush to judgement" about all the nonsenses you wrote here.
    I sincerely hope that you someday will find the way to think before making any ignorant comment. And finally i want to thank you for giving me some time of your busy blog life "Mr. REDNECK"

    Sincerely yours:

    P.D. In the 7th photo which one is your son? ;)

  4. lol now I KNOW you live in Costa Rica. Your English is horrible.

  5. btw (that means "by the way" here in America) I liked Costa Rica. It was Panama that made me think of poverty and bags of dirt inside retail packaging.