Thursday, February 12, 2009

Guido Fist Pumping

Okay, I almost don't know where to begin with this but I'll try.

I've lived in L.A., Pittsburgh, Connecticut, and Cleveland, and I have never seen anything like this. Ever. Apparently, a phenomenon known as "guido fist pumping" has been gaining popularity for several years. And it's very popular in the New Jersey area. Go figure.

The guido stereotype has been at work for many decades, and we've all seen it before -- overly macho Italian guys with gold chains, bad pick-up lines, and way too much cologne... usually jerking their heads to the beat of the music -- but in recent years, the species has evolved into a secondary form: the guido fist pumper. explains:
"For those who don’t know about fist pumping, guido fist pumping is the only form of dance accepted on the Jersey Shore. Pump your fist or go home lonely and cry your guido eyes out."

Never seen a guido fist pumper before? Well, today's your lucky day! These video clips are priceless...

Rippin' it up in the parking lot

Fist pumping skillz, poolside

"I'm dancin! I'm dancin'!"

Mating season

So basically what we have here amounts to some form of bizarre mating ritual. Impress the ladies by going shirtless, and then pump your fist and do a bit of imitation breakdancing for good measure. Oh, and wear some gold chains. Hell, if I knew it were this easy to pick up chicks back in the day, I would have at least given it a shot. Maybe. Nah, actually, this shit is pretty stupid.

I do like the music, though.*

To learn all there is to know about guido fist pumping, visit

Thanks to Emily
* I really do! Although after seeing these fools, maybe I should reconsider.
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