Tuesday, February 10, 2009

New Trek Toys

Speaking of Star Trek, pics of the new toy line from the upcoming J.J. Abrams film have started to circulate on the Internet. These particular images depict Japanese market variations:

Kirk figure

Enterprise with lights and sounds

Phaser weapon

Communicator device

Tricorder device

Enterprise Bridge playset

Enterprise Transporter Room

Not so sure I'm feelin' it here. The phaser looks pretty hokey to me, as in Buck-Rogers-Black-and-White-Serial-Films-From-1939 hokey.

I'm a grown man and I realize that, technically, I shouldn't give a flying F about these things. But I'm also a Star Trek fan. So I kinda do. I will say the Enterprise with its blue neon lighting looks somewhat cool (blue neon lighting could make a turd look good as far as I'm concerned.)

In any event, the toys will be available relatively soon in support of the film which opens May 8th. Apparently you can pre-order from this Japanese retail outlet.

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