Thursday, February 26, 2009

Well, It Looks Like They Wanna Re-Make Total Recall

"Recall! Recall! Recall!"

According to sources over at AICN, movie studio execs are looking to remake yet another movie... this time, Total Recall. I must admit to having an affinity for Total Recall, and in fact I'd claim it as one of the greatest science fiction films ever made. It certainly stands as one of Schwarzenegger's finest. It's tech-savvy, it's clever, it's imaginative, it has butt loads of action, and it's thought provoking. If you love sci-fi and you don't own this movie on DVD, well then, you don't deserve to live.

So what's the point in reinventing a movie that already works? Are they going to make it better looking? Probably, although the original 1990 visuals still hold up very well, IMO. Will the story be told in a different light, perhaps more akin to the original story, We Can Remember It For You Wholesale, by Philip K. Dick? Who knows. All I know is, they didn't make a better Willie Wonka. They didn't make a better Planet of the Apes. And they sure as hell didn't make a better Superman.

If they pull the trigger, I just hope it does justice to the original, 'cause that is one bad-ass film.

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