Sunday, February 8, 2009

Man Robs 7-11 With Star Trek Sword

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A white man in his twenties held up a 7-11 convenient store in Colorado Springs, Colorado last Wednesday February 4th, using a bizarre weapon: a "Klingon battle sword" from Star Trek!

According to the clerk, the masked bandit walked in, whipped out his Star Trek sword, demanded money, and then left after scoring some cash. According to reports, the same thief went on to rob another 7-11 about a half hour later. 

Surveillance video shows the suspect
brandishing a "Klingon Bat'leth Sword"

The Star Trek sword is actually a replica made of metal, and it could in fact, quite possibly, poke someone's eye out!

A police spokesman commented, "If this individual is arrested, the charge will be the same as if he carried a gun. It is considered a deadly weapon." In other words, he will be sent to the icy prison planet of Rura Penthe!!

TV news footage

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