Thursday, February 26, 2009

Wacked Out Of His Mind On Drugs? Joaquin Phoenix on Letterman

Really? I mean, really? Wow. What is going on with Joaquin Phoenix? And more importantly, why do I hate typing the name Joaquin Phoenix more than any other name on earth?

Not sure if this is a put on or what. I'm thinking this may be part of some strange, new-movie-coming-out promotional scheme on the part of (insert name I hate typing here). Maybe? Dave just lets it fly here... hilarious!

So is this for real? Or is it some kind of put-on? Leave a comment, I'm interested to see what you guys think...

Thanks, Julia


  1. He's faking, this is an eloaborate stunt for one of his movies. He almost laughs at the end like he's holding back.

  2. Gary: I agree something doesn't sit right with this. if I had to bet one way or the other, I would call hoax. I guess we'll find out eventually...

  3. This might explain something...

    (FYI: Brother-in-law Casey Affleck, is shooting a documentary about Joaquin’s transition to a career as a rapper. This movie is widely suspected to be a Borat-style mockumentary about actors and singers expanding their careers in an effort to parlay their marketability. Needless to say, it appears Joaquin’s transition from heart-throb actor to bearded-rapper goes horribly wrong. Can’t wait to see that movie.)