Wednesday, February 11, 2009

"I AM GAY": Embarrass The Hell Out of Your Co-Worker

If you're feeling particularly immature today or just need
a laugh, here's a classic and relatively harmless prank
you can pull on an unsuspecting co-worker. It's a classic
computer prank known as "I Am Gay."

Basically what happens is, you download a tiny 164 KB
executable file and then email it to your victim. When they go
to check their email and click on the file to open it, a siren
will go off and their computer screen will go into a crazy-ass
flashing "red alert," complete with this message:

This prank takes only a minute to prepare for and execute,
yet the laughter you and the rest of the office crew receive
will be incalculable. And it's safe; no viruses or any of that
kind of B.S. to worry about.

As a side note, be aware of one thing that could trip you up,
namely, the person you are pranking might actually be gay,
in which case you might be looking at a phone call from H.R.
Common sense dictates you do this only if you know the
recipient can take a joke.

Click here to download the file. Once you have it, you may
want to re-name it before sending, since it is called
"only-men" -- and a file name like that might give you away.
(Maybe change the name to "excel_doc" or something
along those lines.)

Have fun

Thanks to
And thanks to Tyrone, for pranking me with this many years ago
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